I currently work as a postdoc researcher at ETH Zürich , in the Chair of Forest Ecology. I have fun learning more about forests, their functioning, dynamics and management. In general, data and models are a fun challenge for me, I really enjoy the process of getting value from data, look at problems from a small and holistically scale and from different dimensions. This data driven interest has allow me to acquire solid statistical and programming skills, which I really enjoy using and keep learning about it. I like to work in a multidisciplinary group, engage collaboratively with others, and be under the constant challenge of change: adapt to people, culture, new methods, new perspectives and new ways of doing things. I have been lucky to experience this during my extensive international experience in research, teaching and project management, having worked in organizations such as ETH (Switzerland), US Forest Service (USA), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden), University of Eastern Finland (Finland) IUFRO (Austria), and Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). I also have experience in science communication, I have been part of the summer science writing internship at the Oregon State University. In my free time I love to discuss science in bars, go hiking and dancing. I am also quite active in social media for professional and personal motivations, please look at the links at the bottom of this page if you want to connect.

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