In my research, I focus on forest change and stand dynamics, I am particularly interested in how management and natural disturbances change forests and the consequences that they have on ecosystem services. I find very exciting to do research on the uncertain future of forests and forestry; what forest management actions are going to provide the products and services that society demands now and in the future; what if the future forest is very different to the present forest; can we manage forests towards resilience; what type of forest management we need to maximize certain objectives; what are the trade-offs of different ecosystem services; how we consider all these aspects in time and space,… I know it sounds complex, it is complex! thats why it is very interesting and exciting.

At the moment I am looking into how models of forest dynamics can really help us to envision future forests. We are trying to better understand the uncertainity that raises from landscape level model, reduce it and used this for future projections.

In general, I find fun in data, I like to immerse myself in numbers looking for answers, create models that help to understand how things work and use them to predict how the future might look like. Or in other words: used the existing scientific information to pursue better forestry.


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