My research is primarily centered around forest change and stand dynamics. Specifically, I am intrigued by the effects of management and natural disturbances on forests and their ecosystem services. I find it fascinating to explore the uncertain future of forests and forestry. Questions that interest me include what forest management practices will deliver the products and services that society needs both now and in the future, how to manage forests towards greater resilience, and what type of forest management is necessary to achieve particular objectives, or what are the trade-offs of different ecosystem services. While this field of study is complex, it is also incredibly interesting and exciting.

Currently, I am investigating the usefulness of forest dynamics models in predicting future forests. We aim to comprehend the uncertainty that arises from landscape-level models, minimize it, and utilize it for future projections.

I enjoy digging into data and exploring numbers to find solutions, creating models to comprehend how things function, and utilizing them to project future outcomes. Essentially, I utilize scientific knowledge to pursue better forestry.


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